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We value your time. Being a market leader, we always strive to reduce time and money you spend filing for divorce online. Therefore, we start our cooperation with ensuring that we are the right company to help you out. Before filling out divorce forms to reboot your life, we need to know that you qualify for uncontested divorce. No worries, checking your eligibility will not take much time and it is absolutely free of charge. After you answer several short questions, we’ll see if you can get a divorce online.


Fill out an online questionnaire

The mission of our divorce website is to shield you from all sorts of emotional drama. Making a step into your new life should not be a courtroom battle. is the greatest solution for receiving all required online divorce papers in the comfort of your home. We’ve developed an easy-to-follow questionnaire that takes about 28 minutes to complete. Still, there is no need to hurry; you can use our online divorce service at your own pace.


Print, sign and file

After you finish filling out your forms for divorce, you can arrange the delivery time. Although our system is flawless, we do ask you to look through the paperwork and make sure that all information you initially provided was correct. Right after, you can print out your documents for divorce and sign them all. Moreover, we provide detailed instructions on what your final steps should be. Our guide will help you to easily cope with filing for divorce without a lawyer.


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Marriage breakup

Best online divorce service

We do not just take care of all paperwork, we love making your life easier. We are not merely a cheap online divorce service. Regardless of the reasons for changing your life, we are here to help. Perhaps, you want to end an abusive relationship and move forward. In this case, this website is the right place to get online divorce help. We do know that going through changes is hard, and we’ve got a shoulder you can lean on. We work 24/7 and do everything we can to lend a hand to those looking for a reliable divorce service. Don’t miss your chance!

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Receive a full divorce packet

We care about your comfort and we’ve got you covered. Our experts will provide you with all documents needed to file for divorce. Lawyers are so expensive to hire and they will still ask you to spend time telling your life story. offers an effective do it yourself divorce kit solution that works if you and your spouse are in agreement over all divorce-related issues. You will not have to undergo tedious interrogations conducted by legal practitioners or talk to anyone unless you need to contact our Customer Care Team. In the end, you will get a comprehensive divorce kit that covers property, debt, children (if any), etc.

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Get divorced online with no stress

We pay attention to your emotional needs when you are going through the hard times. Our company will provide you with all required online divorce papers so you can do everything needed to deal with the mental tension while we take care of the paperwork. If you are still agonizing over the decision whether to file a divorce online, mind that such indecisiveness may negatively impact your health, job and other relationships. As you’re here at, you have most likely decided to end your marriage. And here is when our fast online divorce service becomes the right choice.

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We guarantee that your online divorce forms will be accepted by the court or you will get your money back.

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Five kids or no kids. Trailer or a three bedroom house. We’ve got a flat rate for our online divorce services.

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You don’t need to be a lawyer to pass our questionnaire. All hints and descriptions are there to help you fill out the forms easily and at your own pace.

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No more headaches. We’ll provide you with all legal divorce documents needed. Just print them out, sign and file.

filing instructions

Filing requirements vary from state to state. No worries, we’ll provide you with simple instructions on how to file divorce online.

Privacy & confidentiality

We guarantee that all information you provide when completing your divorce docs is kept in full confidentiality.


Your divorce kit will include all required documents related to child support, custody, parenting plans, visitation, etc.

Customer support

You are most welcome to contact our Customer Care Team whenever you need help filling out divorce forms.

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Chloe P.


22 February 2023

My coworker recommended this service and I couldn’t be more thankful! Simple, fast and efficient!

Olivia D.


20 February 2023

I was very surprised to see they don’t charge extra for more kids. Paid, got my forms, and I’m divorced now. Very good value for such money.

Lucas J.


16 February 2023

Thought it was risky first, but a lawyer would just make me broke, so this was my only option. No regrets so far. My documents were accepted and I’m now waiting for the final hearing.

Michael G.


13 February 2023

My ex-wife wanted to divorce me because I was poor. Had no other option but to break up with her. Guess what, I had no money to hire a lawyer, and this online divorce service saved me lots of headaches. Thanks

Ryan G.


26 January 2023

I did have a lot of doubts regarding online divorces. Decided to try and had no regrets so far

Stelios S.


13 January 2023

This is simply the best divorce preparation services website. Tried to order from another company first but support didnt even answer the phone

Andrea M.


19 December 2022

Took about 35 minutes to fill in my online divorce form and quite definitely not 20 minutes as promised. Support told me that I’m a mom of three with some property and debt to divide and it usually takes 20 minutes without kids or with 1 kid only. Good overall, but they could’ve said that from the very beginning.

Omar M.


08 December 2022

I was on very tite budget and was looking for cheep do it yourself divorce forms. I received all needed, thanks you.

Boris D.


13 November 2022

Heard about this web site from my friend. He said that he paid just 139 bucks and got all all divorce documents online. I gave it a try and it worked out. Hope to never use this service again though lol

Michael W.


11 October 2022

Luckily, my ex-wife agreed to divide our property fairly and we could order the whole divorce packet online. Alice from the support team did a great job explaining things. Very good and quick divorce online

Olivia V.

North Carolina

07 October 2022

Fast delivery and I received a divorce paper form that was approved by the court. Everything went smooth as expected

Daniela C.


09 September 2022

Most probably the best divorce document preparation services website.

Jaylen A.


14 August 2022

My ex-wife and me decided to order a DIY divorce kit. We were ready to end our marriage but had no money for the lawyer.

Liam S.


10 July 2022

Found this website a motnh ago. Today finally decided to get divorced and purchased a divorce packet online. DOn’t know how much more would spend on the lawyers, but it definitely saved my money, thanks

Alejandro Z.

New Mexico

18 June 2022

Used this divorce applications form. Good job.

Peter S.


29 May 2022

Just received my court divorce forms. Didn’t know that there would be so many docs to submit but they were all approved by thte court.

Lashawanda M.


07 April 2022

Was rather sceptical about getting divorce help online. Didn’t like the idea of sharing so much information with the web site. Still, I managed to file divorce papers online and they were accepted.

Aicha. R.


15 March 2022

superior court divorce forms, thanks

Ashley R.


22 February 2022

A guy I talked to over the phone was very polite and it was a great help in every way. It appeared to be an easy divorce online.

Kevin R.


30 December 2021

Glad that I found these cheap divorce papers online. Had to spend some time filling everything out and filing the signed docs, but it was worth it

Sydney P.


08 December 2021

I never thought I could cope with filling out the do it yourself legal forms, but I actually did! Great service!

Makayla S.

New York

04 December 2021

Excellent service

James B.


15 November 2021

I recommend using this service if you’re looking for diy divorce forms.

David D.


09 October 2021

An easy way to get divorce papers online.

Tiana J.


06 September 2021

Things got tense and we decided to end our marriage. We were thinking of hiring a lawyer, but the price was waaay to high. Tried to do all the paperwork on our own, but then turned to this legal divorce online service. Good customer support

Taylor G.


22 August 2021

I’m a busy business woman and had no time to go to the court physically. Although there were too many questions in the questionnaire, I didn’t have to go the court with this online divorce filing service.

Josiah C.


02 August 2021

I received all required legal forms for divorce, thanx

Ethan K.


26 July 2021

Purchased the do it yourself divorce packet at this website. I spent about 40 minutes to pass the interview. What I received was a bunch of docs for divorce to apply online and all instructions on how to do it correctly. Exactly what I expected.

Karla T.


02 July 2021

Could not submit the forms online!! Support told me that it is impossible to do in my state as my ex and I need to show up in the courthouse. Had to go to the divorce court but forms were approved in the end.

Elijah V.


28 June 2021

My ex and I decided to file for divorce and do it yourself kit was an effective solution. Thanks


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